Right Start took my money and now won't give it back

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A company by the name of Right Start a debt consolidation company (really should not call it a company) approached us and promised to pay off all our credit cards with $850 a month that we paid them.First month went by and nothing,2nd month went by and nothing.

Meanwhile we are hearing from all of our credit card companies and they have turned our credit cards off. I called the company and they said that they have approached our credit card companies and they were waiting to hear....Third month went by and our credit card companies when I was able to talk with them tell us that they don't deal with this company because they scam you for the money....Here we are thinking we are doing the right thing and paying all of our credit cards down and NOT our credit is ruined and because we paid this company all this money had no money to pay the credit cards. So do yourself a favor Don't even thing of using this company.

When we asked for our money back we got 253.16...Go figure where that came from when we paid them a total of $2,550.Geuss I should have checked the BBB before so hope this helps someone else not make the same mistake.

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